Our vision is very clear. Our central point of teaching and philosophy un-derlies in the following points

1. Understanding vs Cramming

Our entire focus remains on the overall capacity building and realisation of the fullest potential of a student. Just rote memorisation and cramming of the fact and formulae is the biggest obstacle in capacity building. Our expert coaches teach every concepts in such a way that student fully understands it and is able to apply the learned concepts in various direct and indirect situations, hence overall building the capacity of the student.

2. Cope up with maths phobia

There are many students they have a phobia of maths. Whenever they see any maths problem they feel very bad and show a terrible fear which hampers their success in life. We here at Pandey Classes talk extensively to such students and resolves all their fear in a very systematic way by applying the proved psychological techniques.

3. Gender gap myth in maths

There is a myth prevalent in our society that boys are better in maths as compared to girls. This has nothing to do with reality . No psychological research validify such myths. Girls and boys are born with equal innate abil-ity to perform and excel in mathematics. In IITs there are less girl students than boys encourage this myth. But the societal myths are responsible for less number of girl students appearing in these exams resulting in less number of girl students reaching IITs. Central government has taken a very bold initiative to give 20 percent reservation to girls in IITs and this will break the backbone of this myth substantially.

4. Maths for all

When we teach maths to a student we make him/her more logical and rational in their thought and hence a better human being. In this way we build a better society.

5. Transformation through Mathematics

The great Soviet was built by mathematicians. The mathematicians Like Albert Einstein, Newton, Archemedes and many more have the great role in transforming the world we live today. We are making the future mathematicians engineers and scientists through our quality education.

6. Safe learning environment

We have made our campus a safe and ideal place for optimal learning.

7. Care and infinite patience

We think like a student to understand the need of a student.We take every students very seriously and believe that every student has a unique learning pattern.We give sufficient time to each student and encourage to clear all doubts without any hesitation.

8. Best class notes

The secret of success in board and competitive exams lies in making a good notes and revising it periodically.

9. Expertize and Experience

We have exceptionally talented teachers who are highly experienced .

10. School syllabus and competition

We fully cover the school syllabus as well as the competition syllabus.


1.We want our student to excell in all pre-college exams like NTSE, Olympiad, IIT-Jee (Mains and advanced), Board Examinations ,NDA, CMI, ISI, IISc,SCRA , and many other competitions.
2. We want to equip the students with all the academic and emotional support which is necessary to succed in life.
3. Popularize mathematics and Science education.


We strongly believe in
1. Integrity
2. Honesty
3. Values
4. Discipline