About History

Pandey Mathematics Classes was founded by Vivek Kumar Pandey (M.Sc. Mathematics, CSIR-JRF Qualified) and Suruchi Pandey (M.Sc. Mathe-matics, CSIR-NET,GATE Qualified) having a vast experience of more than 10 years of working with academicians,world class schools, and top coaching institutions of the country. While working with these institutes and pro-ducing many top 10 results in IIT-JEE and other competitive examination,the huge motivation and desire to achieve more, resulted in the culmination of starting a new institute encompassing the best of all these institutes and giving a concrete shape to the ideas and experiences gathered over the years. Pandey Classes is not just a name which is synonyms to success but a place where all these experiences and input from students, parents and guardians meet at one place. The focal point of our every effort is always centered around the need,expectation and overall growth of a student.

Having all these ideas in mind we were looking for a place to give the shape to our ideas. This was not a very difficult task because we already had a lot of interactions with students across the country and abroad while working with various institutions. We were informed by the students and parents that there was a great demand of a good maths teacher in the city Rohtak. After seeing the maximum interests and support for a coaching institute, we started our first coaching institute in city Rohtak. Even now after many years of beginning of our journey at Pandey Classes we cherish the warmth, love, compassion and exemplary support of the people of our great city Rohtak and we are so overwhelmed that we are always motivated and continuously feel the zeal to give every year better than the previous years.