Hi, Friends

I am really excited to find your presence here and would like to share my feelings with you . Lagrange ,a great mathematician, believed that a mathematician has not thoroughly understood his own work till he has made it so clear that he can go out and explain it effectively to the first man he meets on the street. Same thing is true for a teacher as well, and i would say that a teacher is not a good teacher till he has made even a toughest concept so clear and obvious that every student of his class find it easy and interesting. I had a great passion for teaching right from my childhood, and in fact started teaching my own group of classmates. I used to just load the concepts in the daily real life situations. From my early years as a school student, to my college days, I started thinking how to make the abstract mathematical concepts easy and understandable . How to become a better bridge between the science and students. The greatest challenge before a teacher is not lack of knowledge but how to present the knowledge to the students in a easy and understandable format . To make my teaching more effective, I started learning psychology and even, joined psychology classes , and in fact I would advise every teacher to learn psychology. Psychology helps to make a very good bond between the teacher and students, and minimizes the gap between what a teacher thinks, and what a student understands.

Here at Pandey Classes our ultimate aim is bring a change through teaching using pedagogy and make our students future scientists, engineers, and nation builders. To fulill this,we prepare our students for various exams like Board, School, NTSE, Olympiad, IIT-JEE, NDA,and all entrance examinations before pre-college.

Thanks and Regard

Vivek Kumar Pandey